Our customers are never shy about sharing their good feedback about our team and how effective WIBW commericals, marketing plans, websites and ad production is for their business. RESULTS speak volumes. 

9 our of 10 times customers say WIBW

"We always ask our new customers how they found us. 9 times out of 10 they say they see us on TV. Since WIBW is the only tv station we advertise on, I know that WIBW works great for us.

We have been advertising with WIBW for 10 years; since we’ve been in business. If it wasn’t for advertising with WIBW (13Marketing) we wouldn’t of had a way to get out to the public.

We had missed the deadline with the yellow pages, so WIBW was our main source of getting in front of potential customers. It worked so well, we are still on an advertising schedule today."

Mike Carmona, Carmona Comfort Air, Inc.

"Man, that really has helped!" 

"We realized we were a local business and didn’t really have a way to get a name out and we always felt like if we could show people or have them experience our business that they would come back. We felt like with TV being able to show people what we do I think that put us in a better situation and it has.

(13Marketing) came out and really just sat down and listened to me as far as what I wanted to promote and what I wanted to do. From there we developed a plan. (13Marketing) came up with the commercials and came out and shot some footage. Pretty painless!

At first I was a little apprehensive with (13Marketing) being so focused in the ad. I felt like I needed to tell more of the story. Man, that really has helped! Being focused and helping (13Marketing) pick out a segment of our business that did well really helped me over the broad approach we had been doing in the past. I thought (13Marketing’s) advice on that was very good."

Chad Bullock, Premier Farm & Home

"I’m learning the value of Online Marketing"

"WIBW reaches a broad range of audience for us and that’s an important factor for us.

Traditionally I have not been real big on online marketing. But with the added value that comes with what we’re doing with WIBW, that market has opened up to us and I’m learning the value of it now because of the features WIBW provides to us.

We’re getting the click-throughs and seeing that people are coming to our website and seeing what we have to offer."

Allan Towle, Fidelity State Bank

"Nothing but Good Expereinces."

"I’ve had nothing but good experiences with WIBW productions. They come out. They schedule. They’re on time. And they do a really good job."

Troy Brown, Brown’s Tree Service

"Consistent producer of customers"

"I’ve been on WIBW for 10 years. For that entire time it’s been the most consistent producer of customers for me."

Endacott Lighting

"Constantly Impresses Us" 

"WIBW constantly impresses us with their innovative marketing. There is no one else out there like WIBW."

Flint Hills Discovery Center

"TV is always steady or increasing."

"We track every call that we get. That call might come from radio or yellow pages. Which those two obviously have been really diminishing over the past few years. TV is always steady or increasing. A good majority of our call count comes from television advertising."

Von Kopfman, Blue Dot
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