Television Advertising
WIBW delivers local news and information 24 hours a day on many digital platforms. By utilizing up-to-the-minute reporting, online video and in-depth resources, we are setting the standard for coverage and community information.

The power of WIBW news, weather and sports, together with CBS and MyTV Programming is unmatched in the marketplace. Whether it's on television, over the Internet, on the phone or tablet or through our social networks, our coverage reaches a wide, well-informed audience, whether they're at work or at home or out with friends. You can target this audience by integrating television and digital marketing that produces great results for our customer.

Our practical approach to marketing can grow your business in entirely new ways. We offer idea development, production and execution for your commercial or video, as well as a comprehensive range of digital capabilities.

Digital technology and a rapidly changing media landscape are converging and transforming how you make marketing choices or build short and long-term strategies. Your website has become vital to your success. In today’s digital world you get one chance at a first impression. 13 Marketing exists to help you take on these challenges and build a plan to make improvements and turn your website into a stream of new customers and new revenues. 

13 Marketing can help you with a new or improved website, better search engine results, social media strategies (especially Facebook), mobile strategies, web site analytics and how you can track results and much more. 

Our approach is simple:
RESULTS are paramount! If you don’t get results from your plan, no matter what marketing you are doing, it has no value. Our goal is RESULTS and measuring whatever marketing plan you choose. 

We can analyze your current marketing plan and your digital footprint at no cost to you. This helps you determine what strengths to exploit and what challenges to take on first. 

WE DO NOT sell programs or the latest greatest product some media consultant told us we should be selling. WE match solutions to your unique needs. We do so in an easy to understand way. No jargon, no pressure.
13 News– Showcase your business during the market’s most watched news programming. Our experienced team places your advertising within a time of day that your target audience is watching. It’s how we reach the specific customers you want.
Market your business on America’s Most Watched Network during the most popular programs on TV including The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds and NCIS. Check out the CBS fall line-up, here. 
MyTV - We’re proud to present your favorite classics on Ch. 13.2, MyTV. Associate your business with family favorite television like Bonanza, Emergency!, and M*A*S*H. We also air modern favorites like Bones and Law & Order.
Associate your business with the market’s only local program created specifically for parents. Sponsor a segment and reach parents who make purchasing decisions for their families each and every day. Sponsoring partners appear on our MomsEveryday program and online at Visit our MomsEveryday website .
Click Here to view a map of the Topeka DMA and DMA statistics

Online Display Ads, Mobile and WIBW Apps, (Weather Channel), Targeted Zip Codes, Targeted advertising network ads that run on other websites in your target area.
Everyone is interested in the Weather. Especially when conditions are threatening.The Weather Channel's website and apps are used by more than 220,000 people in the Topeka DMA (market area). WIBW has an exclusive partnership with The Weather Channel. We can place your ad right where area consumers are looking at their weather.  More...
Leverage the power of to promote your business online. More than 1 million people visit and the WIBW News App each month browsing more than 8 million pages of information. Each page viewed is an opportunity to spread your message to WIBW’s audience of local and regional consumers. 13 Marketing offers an extensive suite of digital tools that can help your business reach potential customers.
We create dynamic responsive websites so your content is easy to view on any device. 
Make Google love your website with one of our search engine packages. It's an ongoing battle that we can 
help you win. 
Contests are an excellent way to engage your brand and capture new email addresses. 
There's more to Social Media than Likes and Tweets. We can help you create a strategy to build quality likes and engage customers. 
Email is still one of the top results producers. Better than direct mail, better than social media. 
Do you know what customers are saying about you online? Reviews and feedback are one of the best ways you can capture new customers. 
We can help.
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