Presentation Design Seminar

5 Easy Steps to make your 
PowerPoint Presentation Amazing

September 22, 2015 from 1:30 to 3:30 PM 
at the Washburn Small Business Development Center

The Washburn Small Business Development Center and WIBW Television are partnering to bring you this FREE Seminar. 

All of us at some point, have sat through a boring, endless, bad Powerpoint presentation. Most people are quick to judge everyone else’s presentation as terrible, but think theirs is fine. Truth is, if you use lots of bullet points, graphs, charts, the same template on every page, lots of text and a few small photos, your presentation falls into the “terrible presentation” category. Wouldn’t you rather energize your audience and clearly communicate your messages than make them sit through another bad PowerPoint presentation? 

As our businesses get faster and communication gets more challenging, we need a way to communicate ideas from one group to another. Powerpoint, Keynote and others are a solution. Using them wrong is the problem. Powerpoint could be the most powerful tool on your computer. But it’s not. Countless innovations fail because their champions use PowerPoint the way Microsoft wants them to, instead of the right way.

“Every element of your presentation (the room, the attendees, the length, the tone) exists for just one reason: to make it more likely that you will achieve the change you seek. If it doesn't do that, replace it with something that does.” (Seth Godin)

You Will Learn:
  • How to take your key sales points, innovative ideas and overall message and build it into an effective sales tool that delivers the result you desire. 
  • Professional design techniques (no, you don’t have to be a designer)
  • Recognize and avoid common PowerPoint pitfalls
  • How to use images to communicate and to create emotional impact
  • Transform graphs and charts into impactful points 
  • How storytelling is more effective than piles of data and text.  
  • How to make your PowerPoint decks extensions of your brand
  • Create effective handouts to reinforce your presentation (it’s not a copy of your presentation)
Who Should Attend:

From CEO’s and top executives to sales and marketing staff. Anyone that uses Powerpoint or Keynote in their job. Sales, marketing presentation, share holder presentations, speeches, conventions, etc. Whether you’re selling your ideas to your boss, your peers or to prospects, an effective presentations can make or break you. 

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